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Why Today’s Art Does Not Sell – People Can’t See It!

I am not talking about dead artists. They sell, because their art has become a commodity that is governed by supply and demand. I am talking about all the other art. This is what happened to me: I currently exhibit at the new Central Public Library in Newport Beach. After hanging, I sat in front of the main wall that had six large paintings of mine. 3,000 people walk by that wall every day. Nice, right? One would think so. Within 40 minutes, More: http://goo.gl/3iodKh

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In keeping up with the pivoting of Art Marketing onto the Web, the way to create a high quality Online Art Catalog might be just the answer that works for you. With my catalog, I offer the collector to choose size and medium, while I still deliver a one-of-one image. This is of cause easy for me, because my works are Hard Edge. I also added images of my art hanging in homes to help the client to see what my work does to a room. I feel, the only leverage Artists have today and in the future is to offer one-of-one pieces. Let me know about your results. Enjoy, Michaell
My catalog: http://goo.gl/izkwfr

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Why You Don’t Know That You Know Art!

Nothing about art is supposed to be serious. So why are Museums and Galleries alienating the “common” person, by making us feel uneducated with no chance of ever having a opinion that has value? Why are there so many “experts” where there are no experts needed, especially in the area of living Contemporary Artists…


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